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  • We do not charge you for the initial enquiry about your case.
  • If you are eligible for Legal Aid for a motoring offence, we can help you to apply. Otherwise, we would charge you privately for a senior solicitor to carry out the work at the rate of £250 per hour (plus VAT). In certain cases, disbursements, with or without VAT, like counsel/experts’ fees or travel, for example, would be payable.
  • Most motoring cases in the magistrates’ court are suitable for a fixed fee:
  • For a single hearing, including preparation, attendance, advice and representation (incuding travel and waiting at Leicester Magistrates’ Court), our fixed fees usually range from £375 to £750 (plus VAT).
  • For a guilty plea by post and a letter setting out your mitigation, our fixed fee is typically £300 (plus VAT).
  • A bespoke fixed fee would be quoted for trials and hearings to defend your licence (special reasons or exceptional hardship).